Suzanne Little

Suzanne Little


Suzanne Little is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Programme in Theatre Studies at the University of Otago. 

Her research areas include Practice and Performance as Research, Reflective Practice, Witnessing and Spectatorship, Trauma and Violence in Performance, Mobilities and Performance and the Ethics of Refugee Representation in Performance. Suzanne’s work has been published in international journals such as Performance Research and International Theatre Review as well as in a number of books and she has a forthcoming co-edited bookPerformance, Resistance and Refugees.  Suzanne presents papers at national and international conferences and served as the Vice President of The Australasian Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Association (ADSA) – the peak representative body for the region. She is founder and co-director of the interdisciplinary ‘Performance of the Real’ University of Otago Research Theme

Suzanne trained as a visual artist, filmmaker and theatre practitioner and has worked as an actor, director, producer, production designer, illustrator, voice and acting coach and marketing manager. Some of her production credits include William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, , Twelfth Night and multiple compilation shows; Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom; the group devised clown show Who Nose Romeo and Juliet and Arthur Schnitzler’s Anatol and La Ronde.

Suzanne is the co-founder of two ongoing Australian theatre companies – Vena Cava and The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble where she served as a co-artistic director before taking up her current position in New Zealand. She was awarded a PhD at The Queensland University of Technology for her thesis "Framing Dialogues - towards an understanding of the parergon in theatre" – an exploration and development of framing theory specific to theatre.