Funders and Partners

I think it is important for all teenagers to have the opportunity to have a team like this to speak with and learn from.

What are the benefits of a partnership with Sexwise?

A partnership with Sexwise provides you, your business or organisation with the opportunity to support an established proven programme that is actively uplifting youth in your community, and empowering them to make educated choices regarding their sexuality, sexual health, and the wellbeing of themselves and the ones they love.

Create transformative change in the lives of teenagers by equipping the Sexwise team with the funding they need to have facilitators on the ground throughout Aotearoa. Help them to reach our most vulnerable youth in low decile schools, and educational facilities with a high Māori and Pacific Island population. 

Make a positive change in the future of your community by making a donation today.

How Much does Sexwise cost to run?

The Sexwise nationwide tour costs us around 2.5k per day, which works out as $25 per person.

How can you help?

A $25 donation covers the cost of one young person attending the Sexwise programme, or you can contact our team for further details on how you can do more.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it. For further information visit the IRD website.

Why do we need more funding?

Right now with limited funding, we can only deliver our programme to a quarter of the eligible schools in Aotearoa each year, and often only one or two year groups will benefit from each visit. This means that each young person we reach may only experience the programme once during their education.

We would love to reach all eligible groups and spend longer in each location, each and every year, to really build positive and supportive attitudes towards sexuality and healthy relationships in our future generations.


Who are we already funded by?

Sexwise is fortunate to have the Ministry of Health as our primary funding partner along with a fantastic group of regional funding partners.